Tuesday, May 17, 2011

100 fans! makeup contest!!

ok so im totally excited for this contest!! I have finally reached 100 likes! so here comes the fun stuff!! The theme for my contest is going to be "SUMMER'  makeup look! I want everyone to show me there besst summer look! so have fun and enjoy!
Now for the rules!
1. must "like' my fb page and follow my blog!(link  will be at the bottom)
2.must like hazeldoll boutique on fb!(after all she is sponsoring items for the contest)
3.must be 18 yrs or older!
4.2 entries per a person
5.must hold a piece of paper saying makeup junkie
6.contest will end june 22nd at 11:59 pm
7.this will be a judging contest
8. send your pics to my email at nickysixx926@aol.com
9.Two winners will be picked!
10.have fun and be creative!

i will announce what the prizes will be once i get them all together!

my makeup page:

hazeldoll boutique page:


  1. I'm following as Karen, I liked your page, and hazeldoll. I will get my entry around. Thanks!

  2. I'll get an entry sent as soon as I'm done being a sicky mc sickens ):